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Secure Remote Access

Unlock the full potential of secure remote access without legacy VPNs.

Traditional VPNs were once the go-to solution for remote access, but in today's distributed landscape, they fall short of meeting modern security and user experience expectations. Enter Zscaler Private Access (ZPA), the ultimate solution for zero-trust remote access, revolutionising the way users connect to private applications without the need for VPNs.

With ZPA for zero-trust remote access, access to private apps is governed by policies defining which users can access which applications, regardless of what network either party resides on. This revolutionary approach eliminates the need for publicly exposed VPN endpoints, allowing your data centres to remain hidden from potential attackers.

With Zscaler Private Access, your organisation can seamlessly transition to a more secure and efficient remote access model, empowering users to connect to private applications with unparalleled ease and security. Say goodbye to the limitations of traditional VPNs and embrace a new era of zero-trust remote access with ZPA.

We strategically select partners based on their ability to exceed market expectations around cloud security innovation and customer experience. We’re delighted to join forces with The Instillery who are experts in their field and deliver best-of-breed solutions to their enterprise and mid-market customer base.


Scott Robertson

Vice President - Asia Pacific & Japan, Zscaler

How We Do it


Rapid Deployment

Say goodbye to complex setups. As a cloud-based service, Zscaler Private Access requires no appliances or intricate network configurations. Get up and running with secure remote working and private application access in a matter of days.


Never Grant Network Access

Break away from the traditional network-centric approach. With Zscaler Private Access, limit access to applications rather than networks, effectively thwarting lateral attacks that attempt to move sideways through your infrastructure.


Authorised Users Only

Ensure secure access by authenticating users against your directory service or Single Sign-On (SSO) solution. Grant application access only to authorised users and groups, bolstering your security posture.

What We Offer

Enhanced Security


Replace outdated VPNs with Zscaler Private Access for unparalleled security. Our zero-trust approach ensures that access to private applications is governed by policies, granting entry only to authorised users and groups. By limiting access to applications rather than networks, we effectively mitigate the risk of lateral attacks, safeguarding your digital assets from potential threats.

Simplified Deployment


Streamline your remote access setup with rapid deployment capabilities. As a cloud-based service, Zscaler Private Access eliminates the need for complex appliances or network configurations, allowing you to implement secure remote working and application access in just a few days.

Secure Internet Delivery


Deliver your private applications securely over the Internet through encrypted tunnels established using Transport Layer Security (TLS) and customer Public Key Infrastructure (PKI). With Zscaler Private Access, you can rest assured that your data remains protected throughout transit.

Seamless User Experience


Say goodbye to VPN constraints and hello to seamless access from any device. With Zscaler Private Access, users can effortlessly connect to private applications without the need for VPN support, improving productivity and satisfaction across your organisation.

Application Segmentation


Achieve granular segmentation without the headache of network segmentation. Our micro-tunnels enable application-specific segmentation, ensuring that each application is accessed securely without the need for additional network segments or Access Control Lists (ACLs).

Empower your workforce with secure remote access anytime, anywhere. Contact us today to get started.

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