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ABout Us

The Instillery is an award-winning, 100% Kiwi-owned technology company, headquartered right here in Aotearoa.

We deliver top-shelf, refined technology so potent, it’s future-proofed.

We are here for the next generation of entrepreneurs, visionaries, and idealists. To breed a culture of empowerment over dependency that elevates technology, people, and processes.

Our purpose is to support those with the spirit to dominate with digital by pouring capability in the bloodstream of businesses.

The Way We Work

Ko ia kāhore nei i rapu, tē kitea.

He who does not seek will not find.


We believe in disruption, reinvention, and growth. Our approach is not about "doing it to a business" or selling for selling's sake, but about instilling confidence and belief in our clients. We enable them to create a digital engine that drives their business towards becoming their own agents of change.


Over 30 years, we've merged five of Aotearoa's best technology and support providers to form a powerhouse of disruptive innovation. Our team of passionate 'Instillers' is on a mission to instigate change and put the power of the world's best technology in the hands of those who hunger for innovation.


We always aim to do good, and we hold ourselves to the highest possible standard. We leave every environment we touch better and stronger than when we found it. We're here to do great things with people who have great ambition because, as we believe, those who dare, win.


Our Executive Team

Our Board of directors

Industry Awards

It’s always humbling to see the hard work that The Instillery whānau do being recognised by the technology industry. Since 2015, The Instillery has become a finalist for and won multiple industry awards. Check them out below.



Zscaler Partner Awards - Service Innovation Partner of the Year (Won)


Reseller Innovation Awards - Partner Innovation - Enterprise (Finalist)


Reseller Innovation Awards - Technology Innovation - Cloud (Finalist)


Reseller Innovation Awards - Technology Innovation - Security (Finalist)

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