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Cloud Migration

Move today with NZ’s public cloud leader

Migrating to public cloud with The Instillery provides you with the confidence to move fast while getting the proven experience The Instillery have acquired through some of NZ’s largest and most challenging cloud migrations. Starting with a proven, data-driven approach, we will assess your workloads, build you a secure cloud landing zone and migrate your workloads using Microsoft’s latest cloud migration tools. Our co-pilot approach will empower your team to adopt and embrace the cloud with infrastructure automation using code templates.

You could not hope for a more engaged partner. Not just the initial discovery piece of our current state of play, but also where the final destination should be on that journey and throughout the process. They didn’t just deal with us as a partner, they took all of our vendors on that journey. It is absolutely invaluable.


Raf Rasile
GM - Digital Innovation, Fonterra

How We Do it


Map Your Systems

We discover your systems and their dependencies to make sure the data exists to understand the logical mapping of your applications.


Migration Scheduling

Not all applications are ready to move to the cloud, or as easy as others. We build a schedule of your workloads and applications for orderly migration.


Cloud Tools

Using cutting-edge cloud migration tooling, and the best fit of migration methodologies, we will shift and transform your workloads for optimal cloud operations.


Resource Optimised

Your existing workloads are mapped to the best cloud VM instance for performance and cost-effectiveness based on resource utilisation. Remove the guesswork of capacity-based sizing.


Landing Zone Benchmark

We will build your new Azure landing zone or audit your existing Azure deployment, against the CIS framework. Your landing zone will be codified in Terraform working with the latest templates from the major cloud partners.

What We Offer

Secure by Design


Based on our standard template designs and assessed against the Centre for Internet Security (CIS) framework, we incorporate the latest cloud security practices into our deployments providing you with the confidence to move to the cloud fast.

Nationwide Team


With our virtual migration team located across the country, you will get access to both our local teams and our company-wide migration experts.

Cloud Co-pilot


Controlling resource consumption can mean introducing business processes that forego the benefits of cloud. With the right visibility and alerting, teams can operate agilely without risk. 

Migration Plan


Our report will provide you with a migration plan that steps through when and how to migrate your applications to cloud, recognising that not all apps are the same, or are suitable for a straight move to cloud. We will then execute on this migration plan alongside your team.



We make it easy for you to contact us, with integrated ChatOps support acting as a direct line to our team of public cloud specialists. We also offer traditional means of contact.

Move to the Cloud with New Zealand's leading Cloud partner. Contact us today to get started.

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