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Microsoft 365 Migration 

Stay ahead of the curve

We manage, communicate and build your end-user experience for the future. Transitioning to a platform which enables your employees to quickly find the information they require and collaborate effectively, all while experiencing an uplift in security posture.


Let us take care of everything, from planning and communication to execution and support. We have the experience and expertise to make your M365 migration a success.

We are really confident in The Instillery's operational management, to the point where one of our senior IT managers turned his phone off on holiday for the first time in nine years.

Steve James

Head of Global IT, Les Mills International


How We Do it


Robust Transition Plan

Keeping your users aware of upcoming improvements to your M365 landscape is a critical pillar of ensuring project success. We provide communications templates for your users and project management expertise to plan realistic timeframes for your new implementation.


Expert Technical Engineering

Our engineers have thousands of hours of experience implementing solutions for a range of customers with varying requirements. We assist you on your pathway to success and pass on our knowledge on the way.


Open & Clear Communication

Generating user buy-in for any large change is crucial for ensuring success and our communication plans will assist you in capturing this support. The way we communicate with your project team during this time of transition is proactive and clear to make sure all stakeholders are aware of everything that is taking place.


Provide Hardware Options

There are many options available for your users to consume your new M365 services. We will provide you with the information you need to make the right hardware choice for your team.

What We Offer

Integration with Existing Toolchain


Your collaboration suite needs to complement your existing application stack. Our team will make recommendations for your implementation to ensure broad compatibility with a line of business apps now and in the future.

Migration as a Service


We abstract the engineers from the migration equation and present a black box service which scales with your requirements to deliver migration at velocity. Our team handles the repetitive migration activities so that you can focus on more important tasks.

Comprehensive Transition


Managing change is a difficult part of any green or brownfields project. We help you manage expectations internally and ensure all technical requirements are met to reduce the instances of defect management required after project completion.

Ongoing Support & Management


Finishing your data migration is the beginning of your success with M365. We offer comprehensive managed services to ensure continued positive outcomes across your organisation with your collaboration suite.

Migrate to the world's most powerful collaboration environment with ease. Contact us today to get started.

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