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Microsoft 365 Discovery

Define your collaborative workspace

Define a collaborative workspace that suits your business needs. Choose how your workforce will achieve their productivity goals by selecting the right digital tools to connect and support employees wherever they are. Improve engagement and increase collaboration by combining communication, productivity and security products into a single, seamless experience.

We are really confident in The Instillery's operational management, to the point where one of our senior IT managers turned his phone off on holiday for the first time in nine years.

Steve James

Head of Global IT, Les Mills International


How We Do it


Assess Landscape

Performing contextual interviews with your team, we understand your current productivity tool landscape. Knowledge is supplemented with an in-depth audit of your configuration by one of our expert engineers.


Delivered with a Proven Strategy

Our team has refined our delivery strategy across multiple engagements to allow you to have confidence we will deliver agreed scope items on time, with transparent communication and clear commercial outcomes.


User-focused Design

We help you tailor your work experience around the user. Avoid common pitfalls by leaning on our experience to guide you through product configuration. Microsoft 365 can uplift productivity for everyone in your team, from any location, on any device.


Future-proof Construction

You demand solutions that ensure you are not tied to a point-in-time architecture or restrict the vendors you are able to work with  and we deliver these to you. We ensure your business is set up to grow with you into the future.

What We Offer

Expert Knowledge


Our team has a wealth of knowledge accumulated over engagements with a diverse range of customers and we aim to pass this on with each customer contact through our “co-pilot” style of engagement.

Managed Services


We ensure the ongoing success of your M365 implementation by supporting your end users, and keeping you up to date with new developments and new products which fit into your roadmap.

Licensing Flexibility


Decrypting software licensing complexity is something we specialise in. We make sure you are buying the right licenses for your business needs and have options to ensure to are able to flex up and down as required.

Visible Security Posture


You have access to the same security dashboards as our team of experts. This allows you to make informed decisions on security and view your security posture through a single pane of glass.

Take the first step towards unlocking a collaborative workplace. Contact us today to get started.

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