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Data Platforms & Analytics

Secure and scalable data services

Unlocking valuable data in your business can provide immediate benefits and impact. Rather than focusing on industry lingo like “big data” which often comes at a big cost, our data services take the approach of starting small with a subset of business data and realistic use cases. Using Infrastructure as Code and DataOps practices, we can rapidly establish a platform that provides a catalogue for business users to consume for analytics and intelligence, and functionality for applications or APIs. Security and governance processes can be baked right into the catalogues for confidence that you have your business data under control.

From roads to buildings, water pipes and bus shelters, we have been able to connect all of Auckland’s assets digitally for the 1st time. Quite simply, when it comes to Cloud, The Instillery is the best! We have built something quite special, and I know it will provide us with a different way of planning and managing the city, which is really what we want to do, in fact - we need to do.


Dr Haydn Read

Development Program Office, Auckland Council

How We Do it


Starting Small While Thinking Big

Taking an Agile MVP approach, our co-pilot model guides your business through the necessary digital transformations and roadmap discovery. Following tangible use cases, experimentation, and testing hypotheses towards a big data vision.


Catalogues for Consumers

We create virtual data catalogues for different consumers within your business. This could include data scientists, business analysts or development teams who all need different views of data.


Data Governance

Rather than having an abstract and manual governance process, we can build controls right into the data platform, building traceability through data flows and configuring granular access policies for internal and external consumption.


Data Lakes

Using data lake services we can integrate traditional structured and unstructured data sets with other data of business interest. You can even keep your existing database or warehouse in your existing data centre.


Data in Motion

A data platform doesn’t just have to be about the analysis of data at rest. Using microservices we can ingest, transform or manipulate data, as well as take actions based on triggers and workflows.


Right Size, Right Price

By building on cloud-native managed services as well as serverless architecture, initial costs are kept low, paying only for what you consume. As your needs grow, the platform is in place to scale to massive storage and processing requirements.

What We Offer

Solving Business Problems


Starting with use cases or hypotheses, we can work with your business subject matter experts to experiment with different approaches, extract the most value out of your data, and then grow as needed.

Advanced Analytics


Our certified team brings unique knowledge and experience across distributed data pipelines, automated predictive machine learning, and integration application development to carry out the most ambitious of analytics visions.



We make it easy for you to contact us, with integrated ChatOps support acting as a direct line to our team of public cloud specialists. Your team can work with us as you do internally. We also offer traditional means of contact.

Data Platform Builds


Working with the latest cloud data technologies, we architect and build data lakes or data services for you either as a one-off engagement or an agile service. Your existing datasets may sit in a relational database, other business systems or external third parties. We can import, process and provision structured and unstructured data into your platform.

Cloud Agnostic


As AWS, Google Cloud Platform and Microsoft Azure partners, we are uniquely positioned to help you achieve an outcome regardless of your platform of choice, cherry-picking the best tools for your business.



We work alongside your teams upskilling along the way, enabling you to gain capability and capacity in your own business. We can also provide an ongoing data centre of excellence with a blend of our team and yours.

Unlock valuable data in your business with secure and scalable data services. Contact us today to get started.

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