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Microsoft Teams

Collaborate without compromise with MS Teams & The Instillery

MS Teams is the ultimate collaboration tool for M365 users. It lets you chat, meet, and work on any document with anyone, anywhere. It also integrates all your content and data in one application, so you can access relevant information faster and easier. Whether you need to communicate with your colleagues, partners, or customers, MS Teams has you covered. But MS Teams is not just a tool, it’s a solution. To get the most out of it, you need a partner who can help you set it up, manage it, and optimise it for your business needs.


We are New Zealand's leading technology and IT services partner, with a proven track record of delivering successful Microsoft 365 projects and managed services. We can help you to build governance policies that ensure compliance and security for your data and devices, remove ties to a physical location and enable remote work for all your employees, collaborate with anyone across business and geographies using voice, video, and chat, integrate external tools and plugins to enhance your MS Teams experience, and transform your voice platform and migrate from your old PABX to a cloud-based calling solution.


With MS Teams and The Instillery, you can collaborate without compromise and achieve more.

We are really confident in The Instillery's operational management, to the point where one of our senior IT managers turned his phone off on holiday for the first time in nine years.

Steve James

Head of Global IT, Les Mills International


How We Do it


Build Governance

Governance policies are a powerful tool used for shaping the user experience and ensuring companies retain jurisdiction over their data, regardless of which device is accessing it. We assist you in crafting these policies and provide the tools to allow you to ensure compliance with industry standards.


Collaborate With Anyone

Collaboration is the foundation of creativity. We provide the technical guidance required to establish the partnerships you need and connect people together across business and geographies.


Transform Your Voice Platform

Offering voice calling and collaboration without the need for any on-premises infrastructure means you have the same connected experience wherever you are. We scope and plan your migration from the crusty old PABX to your new cloud-calling solution.


Removes Ties to a Physical Location

Technology should enable us to work from anywhere, not limit us to a specific location. MS Teams is the platform that lets you access all your documents and communicate with your colleagues seamlessly, no matter where you are. All you need is an internet connection.


Integrate External Tools

Plugins use the Graph API to supplement native Microsoft 365 application integrations in one interface. Gathering all of your data into one application means faster location of relevant information and an easier way to gain insights which is often lost when working on diverse data sets.

What We Offer

Regulatory Compliance


Governance policies are the tool of choice to use when defining your company's adherence to regulatory compliance frameworks. We help you navigate these policies and ensure you maintain optimal posture towards compliance.

Automated Transcription


All recordings of Teams meetings have the option to enable automatic transcription, to enable text search within recordings. We achieve this feature through integration with Microsoft Stream, Microsoft’s video distribution platform.

Immersive Experience


Removing the need to navigate between applications to retrieve documents and data related to your work team means everyone has a better, more satisfying experience. With the same interface available through an installed app, browser or mobile app, there has never been a better time to build your team.

Burst Capacity for Large Audiences


Start a presentation with a business unit of 50 people, and invite another 20 part way through. Expand the audience to include other parts of the business and you now have more than 100 participants in the same meeting without any reconfiguration or rescheduling required. We guide you through implementing Teams to support ad-hoc meetings and full company live events on the same platform.

Live Q&A


Teams live events allow attendees to interact with presenters and moderators through a Q&A interface, improving user engagement and providing additional insights on the presentation topics for the audience.

Collaborate without compromise with New Zealand's modern workplace leader. Contact us today to get started.

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