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Microsoft 365 Management

Accelerate adoption & reduce rework by taking all the complexity out of Microsoft 365.

Managing M365 can be challenging, especially if you don’t have the time, expertise, or resources to do it effectively. Our M365 Management service takes care of all the complexity and hassle of M365 for you. We help you to set up guide rails, policies, and best practices for your M365 environment, adhere to industry regulations and compliance standards, configure user settings and preferences, collaborate with internal and external partners, and stay updated and informed with our timely and effective communication and reporting.

With M365 Management, you also get access to a single-pane-of-glass management tool that gives you and us full visibility and control over your M365 environment. Whether you need email, chat, video conferencing, document sharing, cloud storage, or security solutions, M365 Management has it all in one integrated platform.

We are really confident in The Instillery's operational management, to the point where one of our senior IT managers turned his phone off on holiday for the first time in nine years.

Steve James

Head of Global IT, Les Mills International


How We Do it


Prioritise User Experience

We are aware that Microsoft 365 is one of the most highly visible applications used in your organisation and we work with you to ensure that all updates, changes and new feature implementations are done with the consumer of these applications in mind.


Proactive Communication

Our communication to you and to your users is timely and effective to ensure everyone is up to date with required information. We aim to keep you informed and ahead of the curve when it comes to announcements on your Microsoft 365 platform.


Management Co-Pilot

A single pane-of-glass management tool is shared by your team and ours, allowing you to extract knowledge from our team of experts and uplift all stakeholders over the course of the engagement.


Frequent Updates

Adoption of the as-a-service application model means that updates are frequent and produce the minimum disruption to your users. We ensure these updates are installed without interruption to keep you running on the latest and greatest version available.


Guide Rails, Not Remediation

Defining your application experience using policy and having the application automatically configure itself to remain compliant is the end goal that many productivity suites have been striving towards for a long time. We help you define these policies and increase your productivity while improving your work experience.

What We Offer

Managed Services


Implementing Microsoft 365 across your business is not a single project but an activity that requires ongoing feeding and watering to maintain effectiveness. We provide ongoing assistance to ensure you continue to achieve success from your productivity platform.

Security Integration


Tight integration with Microsoft’s world-class AI-based security analytics platform gives Microsoft 365 a distinct advantage over the competition. We help you unlock this potential and ensure you maintain the best security posture you can without compromising functionality.

License Optimisation


Ensuring your licensing procurement remains at the optimal level is a task we excel at as a trusted partner. Licenses can be updated month by month to support your changing workforce and optimise cost.

Actionable Intelligence


Regular reporting on your platform metrics provides insights which inform decisions on licensing numbers, 3rd party product integrations, user identity, security configuration and devices used to consume Microsoft 365 services.

Eliminate complexity and unleash the full potential of your Microsoft 365. Contact us today to get started.

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