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Cloud Landing Zone

Land on a solid platform to build your cloud infrastructure

Having a best practice cloud environment configured and baselined is the first step in preparing to build new apps, or move existing ones to the cloud. By getting the structures in place at the start, your business can operate and scale at pace without second-guessing yourself or looking over your shoulder for problems to start occurring. Our cloud landing zones are built to the very latest vendor best practices, coupled with our depth of experience to get the right design for your needs whether you’re a startup, a corporate or a government agency.

You could not hope for a more engaged partner. Not just the initial discovery piece of our current state of play, but also where the final destination should be on that journey and throughout the process. They didn’t just deal with us as a partner, they took all of our vendors on that journey. It is absolutely invaluable.


Raf Rasile
GM - Digital Innovation, Fonterra

How We Do it


Designed with you

We work with your team to understand how you intend to use cloud services, what other services you have today, and what your key objectives are. We understand your needs, to select the right design for your business.


Latest best practices

Our team constantly stays up to date with the best practices for all our cloud partners, ensuring that we are using the latest technology and best practices when deploying your landing zone.


Hybrid & Multi-cloud ready

Many of our customers have hybrid and multi-cloud deployments. Whether you need designs for multiple clouds, or interoperability with an existing platform, we design with the broader context of your requirements in mind.


Templated & Tailored

By using templated designs, we five you the benefit of tried and tested deployments, that are then tailored to your specific needs, giving you the best mix of standardised and customized solutions.


Baselined security

All our designs are baselined against security standards such as the Centre for Internet Security (CIS) standard, to provide the assurance that you are getting a secure start.

What We Offer

Documented build


All our builds are documented and provided to you for your future reference, allowing traceability of changes to your design over time and how and why design decisions were made.

Operational excellence


Part of designing a landing zone includes ensuring that operational practices are considered, such as how resources will be tagged and referenced in the future. We design and build for operational excellence.



We make it easy for you to contact us, with integrated ChatOps support acting as a direct line to our team of public cloud specialists. We also offer traditional means of contact.



Rather than just provide a document explaining how your cloud platform was designed, we codify the environment, allowing you to deploy it time and time again, or modify it in the future.

Experienced builders


Our team have built hundreds of different designs across multiple cloud platforms, bringing a wealth of experience about what really works and what doesn’t.

Cloud Co-pilot


Controlling resource consumption can mean introducing business processes that forego the benefits of cloud. With the right visibility and alerting, teams can operate agilely without risk. 

Ready to build a best-practice and cost-practical landing zone? Contact us today to get started.

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