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Microsoft Windows

Unleash your business's potential with the world's most advanced Operating System

Microsoft Windows is 'the' platform built for productivity, collaboration and security, but to unlock the full potential of Windows, you need a partner who gets your business and your goals.


The Instillery is New Zealand's premier technology and IT partner, with a wealth of experience in delivering and managing successful modern workplace projects. Our team of consultants is poised to evaluate your existing fleet of end-user devices and tailor bespoke solutions to meet your future requirements. We are also committed to optimising your hardware, aligning it with the ideal configuration for both performance and budget considerations.

Our services extend beyond mere hardware upgrades; with seamless deployments of Windows across your entire fleet, ensuring smooth integration and compatibility. Continuous updates to your operating system are executed through rigorous adherence to best practices and meticulous testing. In addition, our approach extends to fortifying your security posture with advanced malware and threat detection, coupled with insightful data feedback. We're here to support your digital transformation journey, ensuring your operating system remains in perfect harmony with your overarching business vision.

We are really confident in The Instillery's operational management, to the point where one of our senior IT managers turned his phone off on holiday for the first time in nine years.

Steve James

Head of Global IT, Les Mills International


How We Do it


Assess Current Fleet

We perform discovery on your existing fleet of end-user devices to enable us to start building comprehensive recommendations to support any future operational requirements.


Minimal Disruptive Rollout

We run analytics across all your existing operating systems and perform in-place upgrades throughout your fleet to ensure minimal disruption to your users. The upgrade process is performed in groups and telemetry is collected to ensure there are no hardware or software compatibility failures during the process.


Security Overlay

Security data is fed back from each end-user device as part of the Windows rollout to ensure the security posture is improved and any issues surface before they have a major impact. Licensing options are available to support native reporting or integration into a 3rd party tool.


Uplift Hardware

Hardware is a constantly changing commodity and we help you to understand what configuration works best for your requirements. There are CAPEX and OPEX options to fit your procurement needs and ensure you can adopt a robust hardware lifecycle.


Continuous Delivery

Update rings are defined to keep Windows up to date across your device fleet. Updates are tested and delivered as they are released to ensure you are always running the newest version of your operating system.

What We Offer

Transparent Management


We work with you to ensure both parties have access to the same tools and data to better inform decisions which affect your end-user fleet. Our value proposition is the insight we can share with you by casting an expert lens over this data.

Proactive Threat Protection


Built in malware and threat detection combined with AI-driven analytics applied to one of the largest security datasets in the world ensures your users are protected wherever they are working. We explain licensing options to ensure you are collecting the data you require to receive the protection you need.

Assisted Digital Transformation


Keeping your enterprise operating system up to date is a key pillar required to ensure success in digital transformation projects. We help you plan and manage this process by bringing a wealth of relevant experience to every engagement.

Application Compatibility


Backwards compatibility and support are provided for legacy apps to ensure you retain access to valuable business processes and data during the transition to modern platforms. We work with you to understand your application landscape and craft a strategy to ensure your applications will continue to provide value using the latest version of Windows.

Update Management


We group together your users into Update Rings to deploy updates using a well-defined process. The latest updates without the hassle that can come with managing patching at scale.

Unleash your core system's potential with New Zealand's modern workplace leader. Contact us today to get started.

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