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Smart hospitality POS software for any size business.

Kounta is more than a point of sale, it’s a business operating system. Manage your inventory from the web, and save customer profiles from an app. Create loyalty, keep your accounting consistent, take orders from smartphones, streamline internal communication, and boost your revenue. Better stores need better software, and the best stores use Kounta.

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Kounta Bundles

For those wanting to use an iPad Air for their Kounta point of sale system and are also on a budget, this bundle is for you. This bundle includes the bare minim...
$1,558.75 + GST
Out of Stock
With this Kounta WindFall Box Set, Heckler Design has reconsidered, redesigned, and reconstructed every aspect of point-of-sale hardware. The result is the smal...
$3,016.95 + GST
Out of Stock
For our computer owners out there, there is no longer a need to buy expensive hardware to get your business on its feet. With this Kounta bundle, you can con...
$953.85 + GST
In Stock
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